I have written and illustrated this book about my work as an artist, focusing on the sea and coastline of the Baltic and Mediterranean. As I have been sailing alone for many years most of my work, both painting and writing, is done on board my boat. The sea is where I find my inspiration and my creative energy. The book Colours of the Sea is intended, not only as an insight and inspiration for artists and art collectors alike but also for anyone who shares the love of the sea.
On facing pages throughout the book I present each painting with the background, where it was painted, some of the techniques and colours used and what in particular inspired me with the subject.
The book which has 184 pages and over 200 illustrations, costs 30€, plus 21€ for postage. Payment is easiest via Paypal, all you need to do is send me your email address and I’ll send you a request for payment. I’ll need your postal address too of course. 
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     Colours of the Sea

Elizabeth Tyler