Realistic Painting with acrylics

In the video on DVD “Realistic painting with acrylics” we see in detail and step by step how her paintings “Two chairs” and “Stones on the Beach” materialise. She shows us a wide range of  techniques accompanied with an explanatory text in English.  Many other paintings are shown in time-lapse sequences from empty canvas to finished work. Everything from a lighthouse to a portrait of a baby, vegetation, animals, sea and landscapes in detail.
Music and sound engineering by David Elberling 
Elberlab, Copenhagen, Denmark

Producer: Elizabeth Tyler 
English sub-titles.  Duration 60 min.
The full length widescreen video which works on any computer or TV (PAL or NTSC) is available on DVD in English
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short excerpt from the watercolour DVD
The full length DVD-video has both speech and explanatory subtitles throughout the video

Short Excerpt from the acrylics DVD.
Both the downloadable version and the DVD’s have explanatory subtitles throughout the video

Watercolour Realism
a different approach
Elizabeth Tyler enjoys working with large format watercolour paintings. She often works freely wet in wet with large brushes and running colours for backgrounds and then concentrates on small details using pens and small brushes for the foregrounds.

This DVD in four chapters includes: ”Seascape”, ”Cabbage field”, ”The Swan” and ”Last day of the tulip” In these chapters we see the paintings emerge as the artist tells us about her way of working. The DVD can even be seen and understood with the sound muted as there are explanatory subtitles throughout.
Music by David Elberling

Sound engineering: Elberlab, Copenhagen, Denmark

Producer: Elizabeth Tyler

DVD-video. PAL. AND NTSC Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen.  Sound: stereo. Language:English  Duration: 74 min.

NEW! Watch the whole video online  Here

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Depth and detail  in watercolour
From the woods of Sweden to the beaches of Greece
Follow Elizabeth Tyler as she works on four completely different watercolour paintings using unconventional methods and techniques

With on-screen text describing all the colours she used.  
In this video she demonstrates not only how to create both depth and detail in a painting but also how versatile and forgiving watercolours really are. It includes close up footage of how the artist uses unusual techniques and tools to achieve realistic results. The four chapters follow her work painting a blackberry bush and a mushroom in the undergrowth of a Swedish wood. Elizabeth then goes on to reveal how she painted a close view of a beach in Greece and finally her work with two crows in a stream, using only three colours.

Music by David Elberling, Denmark and Bensound, France

Producer: Elizabeth Tyler 

DVD-video. HD. PAL or NTSC Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen.  Sound: stereo.

Duration 74 min.

Produced under license by Pulsar Productions Pty Ltd.  Australia.

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